The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

Act 5 Scene 3: Churchyard


        Paris and his servant Page go to the family tomb. He tells Page to wait outside and to signal if anyone comes. Paris goes into the tomb and scatters flowers over Juliet's body. Pages signals. It is Romeo and Balthasar, Romeos servant. He tells Balthasar to wait outside and if he comes down that he will kill him, and gives him some money for being a good servant. Romeo is down in the tomb without knowing that Paris is there. Paris tries to arrest Romeo but they get into a fight. Page goes to get help. Romeo ends up killing Paris. Then Romeo opens the tomb to find Juliet inside. He then drinks the poison and kisses Juliet. Friar Lawrence arrives and sees Balthasar, who tells him that Romeo is down there. Friar Lawrence goes down to the tomb. Juliet then wakes up and asks the Friar where Romeo is. Juliet sees Romeo dead and tells the Friar to leave. She then stabs herself with Romes dagger and dies. The watchmen enter and find all the dead bodies. The watchmen capture the Friar and Balthasar. Then the Prince and Lady Capulet arrive. Juliet's blood is still warm and that tells them that she hasn't been dead for a long time. Montague enters to find his son dead with Paris and Juliet. The Friar tells the Prince what happened. Capulet and Montague cry together and say sorry to one another. The also say that they will build a statue of Romeo and Juliet together to symbolize the tragedy that never should have happened.