The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

Act 2 Scene 2: Capulet's Orchard

        Romeo is at Juliet's house hiding in her orchard. Juliet is on her balcony in her nightgown without knowing Romeo is there. She is talking to herself about the new person she met at the party and fell in love with. Romeo listens while he waits to talk with her. Juliet says that she likes Romeo for his personality not his name. Romeo finally gets enough courage and climbs up to go talk to her. Juliet is frightened at first and asks how he got their. He says that he got over the walls by love. Juliet fears that he doesn't truly love her. Juliet wants to get married and tells Romeo that if he really loves her that he will go to get the wedding plans ready and to report about the wedding to the person she sends to him.